Volvo's new electric car prepares to launch this spring

16-янв, 08;42 admin 11 122

Electric car company Volvo announced that its new brainchild will appear on the market in its native Sweden this spring. We are talking about an electric sedan on the CMA platform, which will be equipped with two motors of 300 kilowatts each.

The power of the engines is sufficient for an electric car to overcome the speed bar of 280 km / h, which you will agree, is enough even on an intercity highway. But the battery of the model slightly pumped up and did not reach the coveted hundred. Hundreds of kilowatt / hour of capacity, of course. Its volume is 78kv / h, which is equivalent to 400 km of run in the WLTP cycle.

The advantages of the model also include a streamlined body, which will significantly reduce energy consumption when moving. Needless to say, the weight of the car will be reduced as much as possible for the same purposes.

As for the interior, it will be expected to be of high quality, approximately on the level of the V40 series, which was recently discontinued. Of course, the mysterious model of the company clearly does not carry any special revelations. One should not expect a rapid breakthrough from the announced parameters, however, some of the chips were probably left before the release.