Volvo will develop its own electric motors

16-янв, 08;43 admin 1156

Caring for the total electrification of its entire model range, Volvo begins to develop its own list of electric motors that would best meet modern requirements for reliability and safety. The first such model will be a 350 kilowatt power unit, which can be located on any axis of the car.

In particular, this development should form the basis of the new engine of the famous XC40 Recharge SUV. It is this model that is currently in greatest demand in the electric vehicle market. And it is the XC40 Recharge that will be the first to test the maximum acceleration speed of the engine, as well as its dynamics during real tests.

The electric motor project is currently being developed by a laboratory in Gothenburg, which employs experts in the field of modern electrical technology. It also became known that a number of developments are taking place in Shanghai, where one of the largest Volvo enterprises in China is located.

The new electric motors are expected to completely replace the export counterparts that Volvo engineers still use today. According to the plan, the transition to its own motors should be fully implemented by 2025.