New Geely SEA platform awaits Volvo XC20

16-янв, 08;46 admin 1152

Volvo is famous for its innovative developments and is preparing another sensation. We are talking about a completely new Geely SEA platform, which, contrary to its name, is being designed with an easy submission from the Swedes. The platform is designed for the production of electric vehicles, therefore it has a huge compartment for installing a battery.

The current CMA platform is not suitable for further exploitation for a number of reasons. Firstly, this is its high cost, and secondly, it is a banal inconsistency with rapidly changing standards in the design of modern electric cars.

The platform is quite compact in size and has very modest dimensions. It targets the mainstream small crossovers that are of greatest consumer interest right now.

The first model on the new XC20 platform will be launched no earlier than 2020, so you shouldn't expect a sharp technological leap. Ultimately, the "cart" must be run in during test drives and assemblies. Only after that, it will be possible to design new crossovers for the near future.