Cyan Racing turns Volvo P1800 into a stylish electric car

16-янв, 08;47 admin 1161

The fashion of remaking retro cars and historically interesting bodies on a modern platform did not start with Volvo, however, they do it in the most amazing way! Meet the Volvo P1800 in the electric car format, which many fans of extravagant design will want to purchase!

The classic 1964 bodywork has something in common with the overseas Mustang and Challenger, although the fashion for Pony-cars will only reach its heyday in the early 70s. Also, the car was clearly inspired by the models of Porsche, which at that time had just decided on the main point of its design - round expressive headlamps.

Elegant rounded shapes, striking silhouette and expressive optics. These are the epithets that can describe the visual delight that this car evokes. Needless to say, the modern stuffing from Volvlo also did not disappoint, and is represented by a rather powerful engine and a capacitive 85 kWh battery.

The car from Cyan Racing will appear this year, and in a rather limited edition. This is due to the fact that the cost of such a handsome man will be five hundred thousand American dollars, or half a million, as you like!