Volvo XC40 electric car will be the safest in the series

16-янв, 12;29 admin 11 137

Volvo's new electric crossover is going to undergo significant technical changes. The company has thought about the passive safety of the driver, so the car body will be forcibly reinforced in critical places. As a result, the car will have to pass crash tests no worse than its gasoline and diesel counterparts, and probably even better!

First of all, Volvo engineers worked on strengthening the car's power frame, as well as optimizing the location of the traction motor and battery.

As a result of these manipulations, it was possible to significantly increase the stability of the machine, as well as its safety during emergencies. Of course, the functions of the car have undergone modernization, coupled with modern driver assistants. They now use machine learning and are constantly making progress.

The car now has an advanced emergency braking system as well as an intelligent collision avoidance system. It is safe to say that Volvo cares about the safety of its customers and does everything possible to prevent accidents on the road.