Volvo XC90 Armored crossover was assembled together with the Germans

16-янв, 12;30 admin 1882

Volvo's flagship XC90 has received many versions and upgrades. One of these versions was assembled in conjunction with the German company Armored, which specializes in the creation of armored vehicles of various brands. So Volvo XC90 Armored received significant body reinforcements, as well as an armored metal coating.

We are talking about full resistance to bullets of 7.62 caliber, as well as withstanding the explosion of a TNT block weighing 15 kilograms. This protection class fully complies with the VPAM BRV 2009 / ERV 2010 standard, which was adopted ten years ago.

As a result of the booking, the car received an updated body design, which became much more aggressive and serious. The weight of the car has also increased significantly, which has increased by almost one and a half tons.

Of course, a more powerful electric motor was built for this version, which can handle the increased loads. The interior was also slightly modified, which now looks a little more solid and has a wider range of comfortable functions. Whatever one may say, but such cars are in demand among politicians, businessmen and other respected people.