Volvo and Uber showcased their serial drone

16-янв, 12;31 admin 11 081

This is a new model that is planned to be used in the taxi network. The car is assembled on the basis of the Volvo XC90 crossover, but it has a larger roof, in which additional cameras and sensors are concentrated, thanks to which the car can move around the city without the participation of the driver.

Recall that Uber offered Volvo their vision of the future in the field of public transport last year, when the first experimental launch of a number of vehicles with prototype equipment started in San Francisco.

Finally, the technology passed the preliminary running-in stage and became available as a full-fledged crossover with all the amenities. The system operated by a car is as safe as possible and uses a backup device that can take over control of the vehicle in the event of a failure of the main unit.

The first batch of Volvo's brand new self-driving crossovers will hit US and European roads this year. Towards the end of the year, they plan to equip several large Uber fleets, which will be able to serve customers with the latest science and technology!