Volvo and Veoneer decide on Zenuity joint venture

16-янв, 19;15 admin 173

Volvo is one of the innovators in the field of electric vehicles and self-driving vehicles. For this reason, the management of the concern invested in the software development company Zenuity. However, the company is also owned by Veoneer, who are also interested in bringing innovative vehicles to the public roads.

Zenuity is developing software for cars with autopilot, as well as a number of innovative developments in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Thanks to Zenuity technologies, the vehicle is able to independently adapt to the road situation, identify obstacles and obstacles, and choose the most optimal path of travel.

With huge development potential, Zenuity is a tidbit for modern auto manufacturers and those looking to make money in the booming field of self-driving vehicles. In particular, Hewlett Packard is actively interested in the company's developments, which are planning to connect the company's software to their fleet.

However, for now, Volvo and Veoneer own Zenuity in half and do not plan to share technology with third parties.