The top speed of new Volvo will not exceed 180 km / h

16-янв, 19;32 admin 180

Such a statement was made by the director of development of the company, who is sure that this threshold is more than enough for comfortable movement both in the city limits and on a suburban highway. In addition, a lower maximum speed threshold will save energy and resources in the design of electric motors.

In addition, Håkan Samuelsson said he wants to reduce the number of people injured in accidents involving Volvo cars. Of course, the technical limitations may not appeal to a certain circle of drivers, but it is worth noting that many old driving habits are becoming history, and the world is on the verge of a new era of self-driving transport.

However, this statement should not yet be considered as final, since the company's lineup has very powerful cars with electric motors up to 600 hp. Whether this restriction will apply to these expensive and sporty models is still unknown.

Recall that Volvo currently occupies one of the leading places in the field of electric vehicles and environmentally friendly transport, therefore any statements of the company are perceived with particular reverence and lead to lengthy discussions in the media.