Volvo offers an alternative to airplanes

16-янв, 19;34 admin 187

No, the famous automaker has not yet invented flying cars, but has rolled out to the public the concept of its intercity vehicle, which could become the autopilotized public transport of the future.

This is the Volvo 360c concept car, which is an electrified, comfortable coupe for trips of 300 kilometers or more. According to the designers, the car will be driven by autopilot, which will reduce the cost of its maintenance for transport companies.

Externally, the car looks like a real guest from the future. The design assumes the presence of panoramic glass and streamlined shapes, made for the sake of aerodynamics. As for the interior, everything looks like a compartment of some kind of railway carriage.

The car has comfortable seating in the shape of a sofa, a small coffee table and even a sleeping place. It all looks really interesting, given that this coupe will move with the help of an electric motor.

So far, the Volvo 360c concept remains only a prototype, but Volvo plans to start a large-scale project in the very near future.