Lotus crossovers will use Volvo technology

16-янв, 19;38 admin 169

Lotus, which plans to convert its models to electric traction, is eyeing a partnership with Volvo, which has the necessary technical base to build modern electric cars. At the moment, Lotus is working on two SUVs at once, so the company needs high-quality engines and batteries.

In addition, they will borrow some of the control system components, as well as interior elements, which are extremely high quality from Volvo. These are the trims of the seats as well as the dashboard, which was developed by the interior Volvo department for the latest generation SUVs.

Needless to say, the Volvo concern today is at the very peak of technological development and can confidently compete with such companies as Tesla Motors and Nissan.

As for the Lotus crossovers, they are also developing dynamically, offering consumers a modern interior with all the amenities, as well as powerful electric motors with a long range. Both models will have a range in excess of 500 kilometers on the WLTP cycle, which is enough to travel long distances.