Volvo refuses to participate in the show

16-янв, 19;41 admin 182

The upcoming motor show, which will be held in Geneva in March 2021, will apparently be held without the participation of Volvo. The head of the company refers to the difficult situation related to the coronavirus infection, which still does not want to let go of Europe from its tenacious embrace.

This event is one of the central places for the presentation of new models and communication with the press. Realizing this fact, Volvo has established its press service, which does a good job of announcing new models and distributing information.

In general, the number of guests of the car dealership has significantly thinned, and last year the event was completely canceled for the above reason. Does this mean that the good old format of meetings will cease to exist, giving way to progressive online media? Probably not, because so far, you can touch new concepts only with your personal presence.

As for Volvo, its absence from the event will not affect the schedule of new models. In addition, the pace of production of electric cars is constantly increasing, since the growing competition in this area does not allow stopping work even in difficult economic and social conditions.