Volvo XC60 named World Car of the Year

16-янв, 19;42 admin 181

Volvo makes excellent cars and this confirms the fact that the crossover of this particular brand was chosen as the world car of last year. The Volvo XC60 represents the pinnacle of design and engineering, and is also treated with great awe and respect for nature.

The car is equipped with a hybrid engine and a sufficiently powerful battery, which is enough for 180 kilometers without starting the internal combustion engine. The design of the car looks great, which once again proves the consummate skill of Volvo's designers.

However, the most interesting is the interior of the car, made of quality materials with great attention to detail. Comfortable seating, spacious interior, powerful multimedia system and an abundance of modern features make this car a real boon.

The jury of the competition, which is held annually in Geneva, came to the same opinion. The XC60 also included the Nissan Leaf electric car, the BMW M5 sports sedan, and the new electric Volkswagen ID3.

As a result of the vote, the XC60 became the absolute favorite of the jury with more than 160 votes distributed in different categories.